Monday, 26 September 2011


I took a book out of the library for Primary reserach - 'Demo Graphics - Packaging - Design successful packaging for specific customer groups by Hampshire & Stephan' which I really enjoyed looking through. The book was divided into different target audiences;

  • Kids
  • Teens/Young Adults
  • Adults
  • Mature Adults

This is a limited edition collection of 500 packaging of cd for the Anita Lixel's debut single 'In Your Game.' The production budget was tight so the design consists of two transparent plastic CD trays, vacume-sealed in a silver and transparent plastic bag which was inspired by Andy Warhole's Silver Cloud collection - and you open it just like a candy bar
The transparent and foil effects makes you want to pick up and touch it, and because this is aimed at attracting the attention of teenagers - it had to be innovative, eye catching and something they can interact with, in addition to be deemed 'cool'. This is why it caught my eye, I have need to pick things up and touch them, especially if they shimmer or shine!

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