Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Video To base my Idents On

NID AND SANCY - KIDZZ (Original Dub) from sixthsensemanagement on Vimeo.

This is a clip that Lorraine suggested I look at as I have taken a new direction with my project. As it turns out this is exactly how I want my video to come out - the way each photo / image transitions into another. It is a good combination of photographs and shapes into one...I would like to add some text into my idents somehow but this is a perfect starting point for my new direction

I really like this piece of motion graphics, I like the way all the illustrations and shapes fit together. One feeling that I did get from the video is that black background can be slightly over powering at times - it creates too much of an empty space. Even though the contrast of black with the colours in the shapes / images make them stand out - I do feel that sometime the black is too much and maybe the background should have changed colour slightly.

Most of the images are still pictures (apart from the screen at the start of the video) I think that they all blend and move through into the next photo really well.

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