Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tiësto & Hardwell - Zero 76 (Official Music Video)

This is a music video which came out the summer of 2011, it is just footage of a festival so I thought that it would be a good clip to have.

When I first thought of what I wanted to do for this project this was the video and the song that came to mind. I remember seeing it when I first heard the song and liked the way just by placing simple  translucent shapes with the text and having them appear in time to the music it makes the video more visually interesting and reminds me of the lights flashing from the stage at a festival.

When I first started researching and thinking about what I wanted to do for the video and story boards - this video did slightly distract me from what this module was really about - motion graphics not videos with pieces of graphics over the top, and from this I kept trying to concentrate on moving crowds and how it was only the crowds and people dancing at a festival which made it - when in reality I need to talk and explore more into the different parts which make up a festival

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