Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Tomorrowland 2011 | official after movie

Tomorrowland is a festival that I am hoping / trying to go to this year. This video is one of the best I have seen that shows you the feeling and experiences you get at a festival. This festival is in Belgium

This is the video from last year -even though there are not motion graphics in the video - everyone I have shown this video too has had the same reaciton - a huge burst of adrenaline and saying 'i really want to go to that festival this year' - this is something I need to explore - is it just the sound track and the combination of this and the great filming that give people this reaction or is it the can I involve this in my video
For me when I see this video it is the sheer scale of the festival - the bright colours, the music and the fact that it is abroad in the sunlight - so is it the scale of a festival that makes it - are bigger festivals better. This leads on to weather I should just include the bigger festival in my top 10.

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