Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Electric Picnic Video - Ireland

Electric Picnic 2010 from Dan Flynn on Vimeo.

This animation is something I was shown as an idea of how to set out my ident as I have been struggling to come up with idea. This video looks at all the non obvious that contribute to the setting / feeling / experience of this festival for example

  • it is set in the countryside in the middle of no where - identifies by the alien ship
  • There are a variety of different characters / types of people there - some normal and some wearing slightly excentrick clothing
  • It is a festival for all ages - a family festival shown through the baby in the ball pint. 
  • There will be sun and rain but it wont make a difference
This video is compiles of just images that have either been photographed or been hand wrendered, cut out and photoshoped - This is a starting point for my video however I would like my video to be more type based as I feel that bringing together a series of images for me wont give the 'feel' of the festival - I am more trying to promote which festivals are out there and what they are like. 

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