Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Audio - Possible track

This is a song that i have as an idea for the audio for the sequence

The good thing about this song as that I has been used in one of the TOMORROWLAND promo videos - although people may be able to identify with this song, it isn't something that has been in the charts and not something that everyone will know.
It has a good beat which I have lots of ideas for in moving text and images around - my only concern is that when the main part of the drop comes in there is a very specific 'off beat' that I think will be quite complicated when trying to arrange the moment of text and images around to
Over all - I think that this song is perfect - Everyone I have spoken to and shown it too agrees that it is a 'festival' song and they associate it with summer - I think that it will give the perfect feel to my idents and title sequence. 

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