Monday, 9 January 2012

Global Gathering Launch Video

I think that this is a fantastic start to the video. Although the graphics themselves are simple - the movement of them to the beat of the music creates an exitement factor. This is also one of the festival that I am including in my TOP 10 so I was also interested in how they promote themselves and build up the height through the music and the graphics.
The colour scheme is pretty similar to that of what I am going to use - although they appear to have re-branded themselves since I attended the festival in 2008 as their logo and theme was blue then.
The way the the names of the DJ have been shown - a very simple effect but they move in time to the music and zoom towards the screen edge then fade out - this is what I want to do with my text instead of the text coming forward and scaling up to much that it goes past the viewer (trying to give a 3D effect) - I think that this method is more effective and also means that less time is wasted trying to scale up the logo before seeing the next one.

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