Sunday, 20 November 2011

Top 10 Manual // Working with Printers


You should have an idea about the quality and volume of the design you want to print because different printers will have different limiations.
Look for a wide net of suppliers who can meet a top 3 criteria for buying print
You should get a quote for your project from 3 different printers and then decide which of the printers you want to chose from that. Make sure that your specifications that you gave each of the printers are the same.
Talk to the printers and see what options as far as finishes, binding and extras they have - some printers will not have the facilities e.g. die-cut and binding.
Find a printer than you can talk to - someone that can work efficiently on your deadlines and who can advise you on the best materials and processes for your job


You need to get quotes from 3 different printers before you decide which one to go with

You then need to quote this back to your client before you start the job

It is perfectly acceptable and expected to engage in a little negotiation before you settle on a price. But remember to be realistic.

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