Thursday, 3 November 2011

GOOD IS // Packaging Styles and Designs

There images I have taken of inspiring and creative packaging designs were taken from the book

"1000 PACKAGE DESIGNS" - Rockport

Some of the designs I have chosen are for inspiration of how I should design my packaging, and others are more to do with the different styles of packaging.

  • Looking at different materials and die cuts of the packages 
  • A package for the leaflets maybe...something to keep them on display. 

  • Although this image is not very clear - here I was focusing on looking a the transparent acetate which makes the product visible and the weight of the stock. 

  • This piece of packaging is not particularly relevant to what I am going to place my product in, but thinking further about the project - creating and printing on plastic bag to carry the product around in once purchased. 

  • Simpel and elegant box for packaging. Having the face of the box with just the brand name on it, and the decoration round the sides - effective design - elegant. 

  • Here I was looking at the interior packaging for the product and how I could keep it in place and also on display. 
  • This image made me think more about after the product has come out of the packaging, it may be a good idea to create some sort of print based design which could keep the product on display while not being used. 

  • Looking at the more promotional side of the project - die cutting and using different formats and stocks to print onto as well as print finishes such as embossing. 

  • Circular format of packaging - I don't think that I will be intersted in using this but still good to have as an idea. 

  • Designing packaging in a set / series - aimed at different audience - shape and make the packaging more appealing to your target audience - it will also make the product stand out more as it then becomes more personal. 

  • Examples of simple packaging with direct, obvious but yet effective messages on them such as 'eat me'...small bit of humour in it. 

  • Looking at different materials and working the packaging around the product being completely visible and how to design around that. 

  • Simple stock and open boxes

  • Packaging for the promotion - how to make the promotional side of the product more appealing, stand out and be innovative. 

  • An idea of opening the packaging in a different way than from simply lifting the lid, gets the customer to interact with it more. 

  • Examples of mobile phone packaging designs - simple boxes, and simple clear designs, not using many colours

  • If you look closely at the left image of the phone package - it has been intricately die-cut, creating a mesh affect and very visually pleasing and more attractive, it is something different. 

  • Another image where a simple box format is used but one end of it has been cut and designed around the shape of the product so that it is on display. 

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