Thursday, 3 November 2011

GOOD IS // Packaging Finishes Research

I have chosen that I am going to work on


I have already found some nets which I feel may be good to place the product in, but I want the package to be more complex and innovative - to make the product stand out and it become more interesting.
Also, it is not just the packaging itself which I need to research - but the print processes and finishes that it has to go through as well as the designing - in order for the packaging to reach its true potential

I took a book out of the library called 'PRINT & PRODUCTION FINISHES FOR PACKAGING"

Although none of the products being packaged in this book are to do with Technology etc, and is mainly just food, it is interesting and good to have a clear reference of the styles of packaging, the outcome and what processes they went through to appear like they do. Some of the processes I hadn't heard of so it was a good eye opener to the many different ways or producing design for print

  • Simple packaging and design for perfume
  • Looking at simple processes using minimal amount of colours
  • 1-colour offset printing, 400gsm mirri card, cartonboard

  • Travel toiletries saches
  • Looking at printing on different materials - and possible other methods to include in my packaging and promotion
  • Aluminium foil saches, offset / flexographic printing

  • I thought that this piece of packaging was very interesting - it has kept the basic format but the inside of the packaging has been cut to the shape of the product so that it is clearly visible 
  • UV printing, tinplate, cardboard, die-cutting

  • Here I am just looking the use of silver on the packaging as it is something that I would like to include on my packaging if I had the resources. I feel that when I see packaging like this, with a metallic colour, it gives the packaging a much smarter, more slick appearance. It also raises the price of the printing as it is a specific spot colour
  • Brushed steel, debossing, twist closure

  • This piece of packaging I was more interested in because of the way the product is much smaller than the packaging but is place in the middle of it, securely, and the inside design of the packaging had been designed around the position of the product. 
  • Matte-coated corrugated paper, matte varnish, matte hot stamp

  • This toothpaste package I wanted to look at because of the printed silver part of it, my photograph isn't particularly clear but this silver is much more metallic / shiny than the metallic ink of the HUGO BOSS packaging. 
  • Metallic Silver Ink, Gloss finish, embossing, hot foil stamping

  • Simplistic Packaging which caught my eye because of the print process
  • Arjwiggins Curious Metallics paper stock, metallic ink, 4-colour process, spot colours, embossing

  • Spot UV varnish, debossing, embossing, silver foil blocking
  • simple techniques with a smart finish

  • It was the style of packaging here, the way the inside of the box slides out to show the product as well as the die-cutting. Although the packaging has a simple design - there are many more print processes the packaging has to go through for it to look like this. 
  • 1 colour, 170 gsm matte board, matte lamination, folding boxboard, die-cutting, hand assembly, 3M double side tape

  • This is another package which I wanted to note down because of the slide out box to display the product in. 
  • Matte lamination, foil blocking, spot-gloss varnish, opaque ink, metallized board, lithography

  • A very simplistic design with a simple processes but this was one of the packaging nets which I have looked at putting my product in. 
  • 1 colour plus black

  • Innovative way of presenting the product in the package - in an old disc slide out compartment of a computer - I could think / research around my product and see if I can design the inside of the product to be like this. 

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