Monday, 7 November 2011

GOOD IS // Technology Packaging

Looking at current packaging style and colour schemes for technology such as mobile phones, mp3 players, laptops, sat navigations. Paying particular attention to the way they grab attention but still look smart.  I may look into using some sort of imagery on the packaging.

O2 uses different tints of blue with delicate and subtle imagery. The package is designed around the product here - the phone fits into the it and is on display. 

The packaging is an unusual shape where the every angel of the phone is shown on the front of it. Clear, direct and yet smart. 

Smart, simple and only uses two colours, black and red. This is something that I am starting to notice about mobile phone packaging - the main colour is black or white, and the rest of the design only include one other colour. 

This packaging is the similar net to the LG phone, it is smart from both the exterior and interior where the product is clearly visible and well packaged and protected. I should maybe look at designing my own net for packaging. Once again only two colours are used. It keeps is smart and simple. 

This is a more sophisticated box where the design is made to look like wood - similar to the old wooden pencil boxes. Here the package uses 3 colours (mainly), the brown of the wood, white of the logo, and the green of the interior. 

The IPHONE - similar to many of apples packaging it only uses black with an image of the product on the front with the name, the brand and the logo on each of the surrounding sides. Smart and simple.

I have noticed that many of the phone packages use the blue / white colour schemes and then place image on the front, sometimes to do with the product and other times something that will symbolise what you will get if you buy this product. 

This packaging is slightly more complicated with both the colours and design. The phone is black and gold but which is then placed in front of some piece of red / pink design in front of a black background. For me, this is too complicated and I want my packaging to be smarter and more simple than this. 

This packaging has also used a very simple scheme of black and white then the brand name colour. I am thinking that now maybe instead of trying to over complicated the brand colour I should just keep it the same colour. It will also keep the packaging and whole identity of the product more unified. 

Adding to the point I made above - Sony Ericsson is a good example of a brand which has chosen a colour and the product / identity is recognisable through the white / black and orange combination. This packaging also uses simple decoration / design to add something to the packaging. 

This is an example of packaging designs to avoid. The design of this is far too over crowded and complicated - it makes you feel slightly dizzy. 

LOOKING at what is put on the back of packaging and how it is designed

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