Tuesday, 8 November 2011

GOOD IS // Design of Instruction Manual

Looking on BEHANCE for examples of different types of design for print for booklets either self promo or information packs that I could use as inspiration for the format, stock and design inspiration.

Things to remember - you can start with a basic format but then change the instruction manual by adding different stocks (acetate) and cutting parts out etc.

Fold out format with simple images black and white images placed on. 

Basic instruction manual - dominated mainly by illustrations of the actions / instructions - similar to flying instructions

Fold out - good format but not very visually engaging and interesting. 

Looking at a different fold out format - horizontally, double sided so total of 8 pages including front and back. I could start with a simple format like this then make it more complicated. 

Visually engadging booklet, small in size but the layout is simple and colour coded - this is similar to my original idea when categorising the music groups and colour coding them. This may be something to refer back to when designing the manual. 

A different format / form of binding - takes the appearance of a flip book. 

Here I was just paying more attention to the layout and design of the type - using imagery in a clipping mask of the text

 Looking at the overall presentation of the work - the packaging of the CD case and the different materials one can print onto. Also using patterns near the text gives the piece a different edge to the design. 

Open up format - similar to a cheque-book wallet

Simple booklet which appears similar to a mail-shot - it could be fastened with a sticker?

example of dye-cutting in a booklet...

An alternative way of opening the booklet

Purely type based booklet - I don't want my instruction manual to appear so over crowded but this is an example of a fold up manual which is visually attractive. 

Simple, effective - similar to the Motorola booklet with just the brand name and log on the front along with the selected brand colour

Including info graphics in the booklet. 

Variations of print and information within a brand using 1 colour plus stock

It opens out and has all the information clearly shown and visually engadging. 

Self promo packaging - using stickers to fasten the packaging - also using a different stock. 

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