Wednesday, 9 November 2011

GOOD IS // Logo exploration

In some of the feedback I got from the progress crit about my new logo some of the comments included

  • the pink logo was a better colour
  • the 'air' was better on the side as the new logo reads as 'bratz'
  • to change the Z to an S
  • make the logo more music related
  • make it simpler
For this it was suggested that I take another look back at;
  • Radio 1 logo
  • Gig posters
  • Album covers
  • CD stores
  • music download sites
By looking at these I will try and make a link and find out what is missing from my logo that will then help it look more music related. 

An observation I have made from all the logo's below is that many of the typefaces and imagery are rounded / circular based and include some form of 'sound wave' adaptation / interpretation in either as the icon or included in the logo. 
If the logo doesn't have this - then the presence of thin lines also signifies music (similar to the texture / appearance of a vinyl record)
This is something that I have in my logo but because I have cut it in half it may not be very recognisable - this may be the element that is 'too complicated'. 

Have these sound wave meatres above the type. 

An idea -  have the soundwaves at each end of the text. 

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