Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Although I want the brand to look high end, I do think I need to try and keep in with the friendly, approachable tone of voice which the rest of the body products present. They are all light / bright colours and some have imagery. I have been looking at textures and patterns that I could possibly incorporate to the packaging.

I have written down a couple of themes that I want the brand to represent and have researched images based around them;
natural (like the products
night life (thinking about the target audience)

For the ones I like I will go on to edit them in photoshop and see how they turn out.

Natural Texures

I thought about having the type of make up 'mark' for each of the sections; eyes, lips and face.

Natural textures

In keeping with the more stylish side of the brand I initially wanted to incorporate a pattern like this

Lace pattern - I was thinking about taking a section of it.

Abstract and ambiguous light marks

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