Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Other Body Shop Products

I needed to look more into range of other products that the Body Shop has to offer so to get a feel of that type of designs that they use. I want the range that I am going to design to be have a slightly more stylish aura than some of the current body shop products as I feel that this is potentially one of the reasons why people do not chose their make up line, it doesn't stand out and just moulds into the rest of their products; neutral, friendly and moderate.

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Below are some of the designs that stand out for me

Good use of complimentary colours contrast between the product and the label design

The decoration that they use to add a bit of 'life' to the design is very basic, nothing too elaborate or illustrative

The typeface they use is sans-serif and mainly the upper case, this is something that I want to reflect on but I do not want to use the same typeface
This is one of the most recent designs, a sans-serif bold typeface has been used. 

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