Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Promotional Poster - How do they get our attention

Producing a series of promotional posters is part of how we want to raise awareness of Feel Good Drinks and make the brand famous. For this I need to look at current promotional posters and how they catch the target audience's attention through type, image and a combination of the two.
As a general feel, a poster that is less crowded and has more negative space appears sophisticated and easier to read as the majority of people will only hold their eyes on a poster for 1-3 seconds so the message needs to be clear and brief. 

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The majority of the posters have a simple plain colour in the background then a single image with a clear represenation e.g. the fruit in a glass, or the fruit dressed up - a light hearted tone but the message is clear. This is the direction that I think we should go

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