Thursday, 22 March 2012

Looking back at Phone Apps

After the crit it was apparent that although our idea for the phone app was good, the overall design and appearance of it was not well exicuted. It was also suggested that we show more pages on our boards. For this I need to have a look at other designs of phone apps and how we can improve and make our proposal more believable.

This collection of phone apps look as a whole; sleek but unified. This is something that I didn't manage to achieve when creating the app, I feel that it looked fairly childish and this is what we need to veer away from. 

I thought that this page worked well as placing the app in context; something to think about for the presentation show where and why the app would be useful even if it was a simple vector drawing. 

The subjects of the apps here are not hugely relevant however I was just looking at the basic layout of phone apps, the size and colour of the tabs and so on. 

Using the strip of icons allong the bottom is a good way of uniting all the pages and makes the app look more proffessional. 

I feel that having a simple but unanimous colour scheme throughout each of the different pages of app is essential for it to look professional and plausible. 

Overall, this is the basic appearance that I feel we need to start designing towards; using a background texture / gradient is a starting point. I used this app design as a reference because of the typeface used which is similar to what we are using at the moment. I also feel that for the icons / buttons, we need to make more illustrative and interesting because at the moment they are just simple blocks of text which you have to 'tap'/ 

For the presentation boards I think that this is a much better and more interesting layout for the phones rather than just presenting them in a line. 

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