Wednesday, 5 October 2011

LOGO - layout

Keeping the origional shape/symbol which I created for the first logo, I need to look at how to involve and place the text with it in order to have a good overall composition of the logo, and not necessarily rely on having the logo placed within another shape; circle, box etc

This logo is a good example for me to look at because of the circular format of the image. The letterform of this logo is quite long, similar to me using two words. I origionally thought that I would place the two words on different lines, but now looking at this logo I may not need to.

This logo does not have a similar layout to my logo because of the shape of the image. In this logo the image/symbol is worked into the text, rather than it being on top or below the type, I could maybe use this. The only issue with doing this is that in the feed back that I god, it was said that the icon/image that I was using was the strongest part of the logo, in which case, making the typography the main part of the logo could be a mistake?

One of the most famous logos of all time. My image is circular, so I could just have the image/symbol create the shape of the logo and place the text infront of it?
I could have the name kept in the centre of the symbol, but instead have it more pronounced and outlined like this car logo. 

I could still keep the focus on the image/symbol of the wave in the centre of the logo and just have a rim of text for the brand name on the outside. 

Have the type at the bottom of the circular part but not underneith it. I think this could also distract from the image and make it too cluttered and about the letterforms than the image. I don't necessarily want one of them to be stronger than the other, but I do want there to be a balance. If anything I would prefer there to be a stronger basis on the image than the name, as this is what appears to catch peoples eye more. 

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