Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Having created the required number of logos, I reduced it down to 10 then in different groups the prefered logo was chosen. They wrote down the reasons for choosing it, and what improvements needed to be made.
The improvements which I need to reserach and use for my logo development is to

  • develop the key image further
  • explore the typeface of writing
  • what is written - words
  • look at overall compostition.
now I am just going to jot down some of the examples of logos and images which I can mine in the direction of.

WEBSITE - shows different images of sound waves

WEBSITE - useful on how to create logo designs/brainstorming/tutorials

WEBSITE - interesting logo designs and use of colour/gradients

WEBSITE - possible typeface for logo

Instead of the sound waves I could use this symbol/simplify it a little bit

Simplistic view of sound waves

Soundwaves showed in colours shapes overlayed, also looking at the way the logo has been layed out

Simple sound waves

More innovative soundwaves, they are made in a box - ?

Layout of logo

Layout of logo - have the logo on left and text aligned on the right

Another way of showing soundwaves; I don't think that this will really work for my logo but its good to keep as a visual reference

I love this image, detailed, delicate and stylistic, I want to take this as inspiration however I feel that this will be far too complicated for my logo development

This is what I originally based my logo on

Logo which is similar but presented differently

Typeface - simple and good for music logo

Typeface - similar to what I had in mind

Typography reference - 

Simplistic, modernistic

I like this typeography - the link for the website is above

The website link for this logo and others similar is above, I like the use of gradient and block letterforms however they arent legible, 

Good typeface example

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