Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What is Graphic Design Part 3 - Type driven work

This is a design from a company called ROOT. It is a photograph of a stensil which coloured play-dough has been pushed through it. It results in a very aesthetically pleasing image. It is just an image which is trying to make away and remind people of the creative process. It is successful in catching peoples eyes because of it innovative process of creation, colour and clear type - a very 'fun' piece, a word which is also associated with play-dough. 

This is a very successful piece which I have admired throughout my first year. It is simple and but yet the overlaying of text in the wrong way demonstrates how bad arrangement of typography cant make the statement completely illegible. It is aimed at graphic designers who work in typography and the message is a reminder/warning to make sure that you arrange your typography legible and stand out. It is found on book covers, poster, internet and magazines. 

This is an advert for a Graphic Design company. The comments describing it's company as functional, beautiful and clear which is shown. I was drawn to this image because of the clear, crisp typography which is merged with a slightly more chaotic image, a lovely contrast. The image itself is delicate when you look up close. It is aimed at potential clients in the creative and business industry. It is a successful image as it caught my eye and makes you want to look closer at the detail between the typography; beauty, elegance, sophisticate and smart design. 

I was drawn to this image because of it's simplicity and modern logo style. I don't feel it is very successful in signifying what it is representing but as an image it is very aesthetically pleasing. 'Beeq' could be a brand, company, club etc but whatever it is it suggests that it is clean, crisp and modern hence this image would be aimed at potential clients/advertisers. 

This is a poster which engages the viewer to try and read what is being said because the smoke and lack of counters in typeface means the type is quite illegible. The smoke against the black stock of the background makes it a very interesting and intriguing piece. However I am still having difficulty reading what the fourth word down is so I don't the image is as successful as it could be, the type just needs to be a little more legible. 

This is a basic poster advertising a new typeface with a simple statement. The aim of the poster is just to publicise the message to the public. This could be published anywhere from billboards, to flyers to posters glued to street and alley walls. It is simple clear and effective. I was attracted to this poster because of the boldness. 

This is an image from a collection where the designer is portraying a simple emotion with flamboyant swirls, curls and decoration. The rich colour selection makes the work very interesting and exiting. It is a piece which is for aesthetic purpose, to be seen in a gallery and to highlight the emotion. It is a demonstration of what a bit of colour and slight decoration can do to a piece of type. 

This is a lovely piece of design which is a demonstration of different treatments of typography. It isn't much function other than being an example of a simple message and typeface made elaborate by a bit of beautiful design. It is aimed at designers and potential clients (if seen in a portfolio).

This is an advertisement about the issues with sweets and how they are seriously addictive and how the sugar releases dopamine a 'feel good' neurotransmitter we produce making us feel happy. The typography is made from sweets, and the bright colours give it a childlike and happy feel to it. It stands out and is simple, and the images of the sweets are designed to make you crave them when you take a closer look. It is a very successful advertisement and is aimed at adults and the risks of sugar and how addictive it can be. 

This is a typographic scarf - indented with a graphic designer with a sense of humour and a desire to look strange in public. I chose this image because it amused me and I would say that only a Graphic Designer who was interested in typography would have the courage to buy and wear this! It is more about the design than practicality as by the looks of it, it will not keep a person warm in the winter, so it is more about fashion in the Graphic Design world!

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