Monday, 4 July 2011

What is Graphic Design For? - THE BRIEF PART 3


  1. what is graphic design for - what function does it perform or what problem is it trying to solve?
  2. Who is Graphic Design for - who is the potential audience or audiences? Who is meant to 'get it' and who isn't?
  3. WHERE is graphic design found - where is it meant to be seen? in what situation or at what scale? How is the audience supposed to receive it and where are they meant to interact with it

Select a set of examples of Contemporary Graphic design that you feel reflect your emerging practical, conceptual and theoretical interests in Graphic Design. your selections should reflect a bredth of production and distribution methods appropriate to current creative practices. You should aim to identify at LEASTE;

10 examples that use type driven work
10 examples that use image driven work
10 examples of work that uses type and image

Critically analyse and evaluate;
  • the success of appropratements of the work in relation to the problem it is trying to solve
  • the function that its is trying to perform 
  • the  context in which it is intended to be received

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