Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Innocent Smoothie Promotion

Innocent smoothie is now a huge success and the Feel Good Drinks are based on the same principles; no added sugar, not additives, just fresh fruit and water, goodness and health in one bottle.
The difference between the two brands is that Innocent is now a very well known / recognised and established product globally, and the Feel Good drinks are not yet. The feel good drinks have a sparkling line (which for the brief is not to be included).

I have had a look at some of the conventional and non conventional ways that innocent have promoted themselves. They initially started by thinking inside the box but some of their later promotional methods include an ice cream truck covered in grass selling their products. I just want to look at how they have done this and if there is anything I can use / develop as an idea but adapt it to these drinks (of course not to copy them!)

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