Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CD Packaging Nets

For the packaging of my Disc I thought about having it packaged like a festival ticket - however when you receive your festival ticket it just comes in a plain white envelope. 
Another idea I have had is to package it similar to a CD of an Artists / DJ or even a flyer for a night out. 

All of which I need to keep the colour theme simple; and it has to be closely related to my indents and title sequence - I also need to include the Channel E4 logo in one of the corners. 

With the format of the packaging - to make it stand out and be more like an music album cover that I feel that the packaging needs to have more than 1 part - maybe a slip over the actual packaging. 

For the information to put in the packaging - I could maybe have a tips / information relating to festivals / images as well. 

I also need to think about the matirial. All the actual festival tickets are printed on thick paper - 250 gms roughly and have a matt coating however the lanyards that you buy at festivals with the information on then are normally more colourful and printed on high gmp paper with a gloss finish and could make the packaging look more exiting. 

This packaging is interesting because of it can display the actual CD and they look as a pair - it also has an extra slip that contains the packaging making it look professional and more interesting. 

It is the packaging net laid down which I am interesting in designing - I think it looks like the disc is contained in plastic supporting which you pop out - I can replace with a card slip. I like the way it opens like a booklet, it looks smarter and different from other disc packaging and also doesn't look overly complicated. 


(this website has the pdfs and print parks so you can download straight into illustrator)

There are two from the branded media website that would look good in context of my project. 
As the disk that I am handing in is white - I could use the bottom picture and incorporate the discs colour into the cutout shape of the packainge. This packaging is interesting and also has a slightly strange appearance and hence more interesting .

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