Monday, 28 February 2011

DESIGN IS ABOUT DOING - researching in relation to OPPOSITE

Starting with visual stimulus - looking at the word opposites. These images below are not necessary linked to 'opposite' in relation to TYPOGRAPHY but I am just researching initial basic representations of the words e.g. BLACK - WHITE, HOT - COLD, DARK - LIGHT

Using text and image on the posters

I love this piece - using the opposites of sun and moon in a very decorative style

Simple - using the 2 opposites, black vs white and beaty vs beaste

Focusing more on the image but using type

The idea of using COMPLIMENTRY COLOURS as the focus of the typography

Health - waste (recyled vs non-recycled

This is an amazing piece - although there is not text, I love the mixture/contrasts of black and white

Literal thinking of opposite

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