Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Catalogue Design

Having changed to 'product and promotion' below are images of different formats/layout and colours I can present the 100 pieces of jewellery in. 
I want the design of the promotional booklet of the jewellery not to distract the attetntion away from the jewellery - it should be clean, crisp and clear like the first image I have found here. 

From looking at various examples of layouts, a contrast of very light (white) and very dark (black/deep blue/purples) are used giving the catalogues a smart effect. I do not want to use bright colours which stand out (like in everyday gossip magazines) as it can look tacky and also distract the attention away from  the jewerly 

I really like the layout and the use of delicate tones of colour contrasted with the black text - simple but effective layout using one image per page with a reasonable amount of colour stock showing. 

Having sections of the catalogue colour coded - depending on how many pages there are. Another idea would be to split the collection of 100 into smaller groups and present in small pamphlets e.g 10 particular pieces of jewerly per book, 10 different sections and hence 10 different colours 

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