Sunday, 9 January 2011


The egyptian jewelry was not only for appearnce and decoration, it had meaning behind it. Wealthy Egyptians was adorn themselves in jewelry which reflected their cultures and supersitions. Both men and women wore jewerly. 

'They made brilliant use of their abundant natural resources including gold, silver, amethyst, quartz and jasper. They primarily used gold as the foundations for their dramatic designs.
Egyptian jewelry was based primarily on symbolism tied to the rich religious beliefs of their culture. Some examples include the fact that green jade is used to represent fertility. They also made extensive use of the scarab. The scarab represents re-birth and jewelry with a scarab was often placed in the tombs of deceased nobles in order to create the means of their movement back to life.'


SCARAB - sacret symbol which represents REBIRTH

ANKH - symbol of LIFE, used in association with Egyptian Gods, and seen as the 'key of life' 

CARTOUCHE - symbol which was mainly worn by Pharos,  also known as the 'magical oval'. The pharos name would be inscribed on the cartouche - it would keep their memory alive. This was more of a practical symbol of time. 

FLOWER - another symbol of LIFE (lotos flower) which was represented as many overlapping circles

EYE OF HOROUS - Horous was an Egyptian God of Sun - the eye was a symbol of PROTECTION and HEALING. 


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