Friday, 22 October 2010

Photography Elective

For this brief I had to research photographers work which interests me. I have a particular interest in black and white photography especially of cityscapes and street photography.

Victor Augusteo

Looking through Creative Review August 2010 issue, the DAVID MAISEL's 'Library of Dust' series interested me. The series of photographs are of canisters containing the ashes of patients who died at the Oregon State Hospital. From a glance, I thought the images were very interesting and beautiful, but when reading more about the series I felt that the project was fairly ironic as death can be portrayed as a dark and ugly time in ones life, however the outcome of a reaction of the ashes and the canister produced something so complex, unexpected and beautiful. 

The image above I like in particular. It is a close up of one of the cans, however at first glance I thought it looked like a satellite image of the a continent.



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