Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Letter R - GLOW

This images I have found below is research of different typefaces of the letter R which interest me. I have chosen to look at the letter are because I believe it will provide interesting experiments in manipulating in different typefaces and then applying it to my word GLOW. 

Looking at visual interpretations of the word GLOW. Below are a series of images I found on this website (below) which explore ways of presenting 'glowing' text. They explore layering and illumination. 


Glowing Text Effect

Neon Light Effect

Spray Text Effect

Layered Glowing Effect

Neon Text Effect

Supernatural Text Effect

Advanced Glow Effect


Photoshop light effects and glow effects

Looking at natural illumination - glow worms

Avatar is another example of glowing colours used

Below are some other images which I have found which I am using to get ideas for my work and how to use glow in my text. 

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