Monday, 11 October 2010

Alphabet Soup Part 2

Looking at a typeface which represents Alex Slippens. Looking at examples of type surrounding Alex's interests, likes, dislikes, characteristics and elements of his life which best represent him.

Lower Case
Thick/bold font
(all of this fits quite well with the 'jagermeister' font.)

Richard Branson was the person he most admired - so below are examples of the Virgin Megastore logo which Branson set up. 

His favourite clothing brand is Ralph Lauren; Logo

Flying/freedom/space/uplifting/happiness - looking at typeface examples which surround these words

MARIO HUGO - Zune Brand Principles. 
I found his body of work very intriguing and inspiring when researching different typefaces. 

Other typefaces which I found;

Typefaces - bold, lower case, clean cut, organised

'Moaning' was his bad habit, so working around this work examples of text could include characteristics such as; disjointed, dispondent. Moaning is generally associated with a continuous negative mark, so 'continuous' and 'exaggerated' are other characteristic of the typeface I have explored. 


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